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Archives are a BasePage object used to display a list of Page objects in a Collection.

Archive objects create a customizable page that can be controlled via its parent Collection.

Bases: BasePage

The Archive is a Page object used by the collection that focuses on presenting the Collection's pages.


| Name | Type | Description | Default | | --------------- | ------------------------------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------- | --------------------------------------------------------- | -------------- | | pages | list[BasePage] | The list of pages to include in the archive | required | | title | str | The title of the archive | required | | template | str | Template | The template to use for the archive | "archive.html" | | routes | list[str | Path] | The routes for where the archive page should be generated | required | | archive_index | int | The index of the page in the series of archive pages | 0 | | num_of_pages | | The total number of pages in the series of archive pages | required |


The Archive object is not meant to be used directly.
It is used by the [Collection](../collection?id=collection) object.
Attributes can be used to customize.

Collection.archives yields a generator of Archive objects. Each Archive object will have a pages attribute that is a list of Page objects referenced in that Archive Page. The number of pages is determined by the Collection.items_per_page attribute.

Enabling Archive Pages

By default render engine will only create the archive page if either of the following conditions are met:

  • The Collection.items_per_page attribute is set to a value greater than 0.
  • The Collection.has_archive attribute is set to True.

Archive Page Numbers

Archive pages are numbered starting at 0. The first page is always a list containing all the items.

If items_per_page is greater than 0, the remaining will contain the items in the collection, split into groups of items_per_page.

You can get the total number of Archive pages by grabbing the Archive.num_archive_pages attribute.