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Page Objects

At Render Engine's core is the page. A page is a single unit of content. Pages are the building blocks of your site. If you want to display information on your site, you will need to create a page.


All Page objects inherit from BasePage, allowing for common functionality across all page objects.

The BasePage is designed for Render Engine to render common Page-like objects. It is not designed to be used directly.

Bases: BaseObject

This is the Base Page object.

It was created to allow for the creation of custom page objects.

This is not intended to be used directly.


Name Type Description
slug The slug of the page. Defaults to the title slugified.
content The content to be rendered by the page
parser The Parser used to parse the page's content. Defaults to BasePageParser.
reference The attribute to use as the reference for the page in the site's route list. Defaults to slug.



Returns the URL for the page including the first route.

This gets the relative URL for a page.


Pages don't have access to the Site attrs. You cannot get an abolute URL from a Page object. Use {{SITE_URL}} in your templates to get the absolute URL.

This is the preferred way to reference a page inside of a template.


When you're creating a Page. You may want to provide a parser or content/content_path. To do this, you will need to create a Page object.

Bases: BasePage

The general BasePage object used to make web pages.

Pages can be rendered directly from a template or generated from a file.


Not all attributes are defined by default (those that are marked optional) but will be checked for in other areas of the code.

When you create a page, you specify variables passed into rendering template.


Name Type Description
content_path str | None The path to the file that will be used to generate the Page's content.
extension str | None The suffix to use for the page. Defaults to .html.
engine str | None If present, the engine to use for rendering the page. This is normally not set and the Site 's engine will be used.
reference str | None Used to determine how to reference the page in the Site's route_list. Defaults to slug.
routes str | None The routes to use for the page. Defaults to ["./"].
template str | None The template used to render the page. If not provided, the Site's contentwill be used.
Parser type[BasePageParser] The parser to generate the page's raw_content. Defaults to BasePageParser.
title str The title of the page. Defaults to the class name.